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Specialty Cleaning Systems

Specialty Cleaning machines of SGCE are designed to satisfy today’s demanding outdoor cleaning requirements. From chemical-free steam cleaners for use in hotels, to escalator cleaners that keep your indoor transportation safe, we’ve got your cleaning needs covered.

  • We guarantee effective cleaning products tested to ensure the highest quality and strive to offer cleaning products which are both cost-effective and simple to use.
  • Chandeliers are the eye-catching centrepieces that draw people into your space. What your eye doesn't want to be drawn toward is a dusty, dull and lacklustre surface. Cleantech can help. With Sparkle Plenty, the only crystal and fixture cleaner safe for residential and commercial use, we offer the easiest-to-use cleaner on the market. With a quick spray on your surface, the product collects dirt
  • We offers precision-engineered machines to clean escalators, providing expert solutions for escalator cleaning and maintenance. Our products simultaneously deep-clean and dry steps, leaving your escalators prepared for immediate use.
  • Our steam generators use heat, pressure and water to better deliver chemicals and detergents to the cleaning surface, leaving your chandelier sparkling and glowing. chandelier cleaning solutions of SGCE work on the most delicate of surfaces for the perfect finish.
  • We offer the best window cleaning systems in Saudi Arabia - KSA.